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Jewellery Sizing

Ring Sizes

All rings are made to UK ring sizes. 

Before purchasing a ring, it is best to be sure of your size. The most accurate way of finding out your ring size is by visiting a local jeweller. If you are local to Bristol I might be able to help you with this, if you would like this please use the contact form to arrange a consultation with me. 


Another method is to purchase a ring sizer, like this one (Ring Sizer). When taking a measurement by aware of the temperature of your hands as your fingers can read a few sizes smaller on cold days.



Necklace Length

Most necklaces are availble with 16", 18" and 20" chains. Other lengths are availble on request.

A 16" chain sits near the neck like a choker, an 18" tends to be around the collar bones and 20" slightly longer. An illustration of this can be found here (Necklace Lenght Guide).



Bangle Sizes

Bangles are made in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. These are measured by diameter: small 6cm,

medium 6.5cm and large 7cm. Remeber as bangles do not open, they need to be able to slip over the wrist. Custom sizes availble on request. 



If the jewellery item does not fit, I am happy to either re-fit, re-make or exchange. Buyer is to pay for the cost of returning the jewellery item. 

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