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Jewellery Care and Cleaning


Jewellery Care

  • Remove jewellery prior to swimming, showering or when using cleaning products. Exposure to certain chemicals can cause silver to tarnish.

  • Snake chains can get warped in shape if stored tangled. To prevent this store them flat or in a box. 

  • Avoid exposing oxidised pieces to soapy water, as this can cause the oxidation to fade. 

  • Due to the nature of copper, it will tarnish over time if exposed to air. Waxes or varnishes are put on jewellery to prevent this. To prevent this store in an air-tight container.




  • To clean silver jewellery, gently wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • For dirtier or more tarnished piece, trying using specialist products such as Town Talk.

  • For heavily tarnished pieces, please enquire about cleaning/re-polishing.


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