Jewellery Care and Cleaning


Jewellery Care

  • Remove jewellery prior to swimming, showering or when using cleaning products. Explosure to certain chemicals can cause silver to tarnish.

  • Snake chains can get warped in shape if stored tangled. To prevent this store them flat or in a box. 

  • Avoid exposing oxidised pieces to soapy water, as this can cause the oxidation to fade. 

  • Due to the nature of copper, it will tarnish over time if exposed to air. Waxes are put on jewellery to prevent this. To prevent this store in an air-tight container.




  • To clean silver jewellery, gently wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • For dirtier or more tarnished piece, trying using specialist products such as Town Talk.

  • For heavily tarnished pieces, please enquire about cleaning/re-polishing.