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It is law in the UK for Sterling silver jewellery items weighing over 7.78g to be hallmarked by an Assay Office before sale. 

I carefully check and weigh each item to ensure I adhere to this law. 

The majority of my jewellery weighs under 7.78g, and is unhallmarked.

Any item exceeding this weight will be hallmarked.

I am registered with the Sheffield Assay Office.

If you would like your item hallmarked, please contact me via the contact form.

There will be an added fee of £30 plus a wait of at least 4 weeks.

My main supplier for materials is Cookson Gold, who are a well established and well trusted UK company who source quality Sterling silver and gold.

I uses eco silver where possible, this is an environmentally friendly option as the silver is 100% recycled.

Some information about eco silver can be found here:

I also use Kernowern Craft for some silver parts and gemstones.

Info about Kernowern can be found here:

The legislation regarding hallmarking can be found here:

Assay Office

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