It is law in the UK for jewellery items weighing over 7.78g to be hallmarked by an Assay Office before sale. 

I carefully checks and weigh each item to ensure she adheres to this law. 

Any item exceeding this weight will be hallmarked.

I am registered with the Sheffield Assay Office.

The majourity of my jewellery falls under this weight restriction, and is unhallmarked.

If you would like your item hallmarked, please contact me via the contact form.

There will be a fee of £30 per item for this service, and a waiting time of approximately 4 weeks.

My main supplier for materials is Cooksons Gold, who are a well established and well trusted company who source quality silver and gold. She uses eco silver where possible. 

I also used Kernowern Craft for some silver parts and gemstones.

I works in gold for commissioned pieces only, and these will always be hallmarked. The weight requirement for gold is 1g.

The legislation regarding hallmarking can be found here:

Assay Office