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"Corinne came highly recommended to me. I asked her to make a special piece of jewellery for me, the necklace is very unique and consists of roses in a 3 dimensional form along with intricate silver work. The finished piece was beyond what I had imagined it's a skilled piece of work which has received many compliments. I intend to wear this necklace for my lifetime."


Catherine Mullen


"Corinne made me a beautiful engagement which she helped me to design so I got exactly what I wanted. It is delicate, unusual and I love it! She provides a personal service, and makes tailor made, affordable pieces. Highly recommended!"

Tomasin Cuthbert


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'Two roses for me and my twin'

Personal commission which was a joy to make. One rose is open and the other is closed to symbolise my client and her twin who sadly passed in the womb. The roses are joined together by wire to symbolise the female reproductive system.